Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vandana Shiva Blows Up The Spot!

Although our ancestors the Kemetians (Egyptians) recognized most natural and social phenomena as separate divine forces, they also realized that many of them were interrelated and could be seen as different aspects of a single divine force. It was noted in Inner Civilization:
"Understanding the oneness, or unity of all things, may in the future come to symbolize the distinction in our thinking from that of the traditional West. This knowledge is part of our heritage and has the potential to drive our advance in science, political theory, public policy, economics and mental and spiritual growth in the years to come." ~ Inner Civilization Chapter 9, P. 321.

Vandana Shiva (in the clip below) displays, in brilliant form, the solutions that come through understanding the interconnection of all things even in the face of Western arrogance, fear-mongering and reductionism.

“You can drop bombs on my villages, you can destroy all my books, you can rob us of our culture, and you can create a landscape where no bird, no insect, nothing can hide, but I do not despair ever. I have hope because I saved one seed that I will plant and grow again.”
~ A Palestinian poem.