Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This I Believe

"This I Believe" is an international project engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. I would like to add one more entry for the record.

- I believe in the single bullet theory.

- I believe a lone assasin killed JFK.

- I believe a long, bloody perpetual war on terrorism will make the world a more safe, secure place.

- I believe in Darwin's theory of Evolution despite the lack of scientific evidence for it.

- I believe James Earl Ray acted alone in killing MLK.

- I believe terrorists exist because they hate freedom.

- I believe the world is a much safer place with Saddam Hussein gone.

- I believe the slaves in the south were generally - happy.

- I believe in Manifest Destiny.

- I believe Lincoln freed the slaves.

- I believe Jesus Christ was killed then miraculously came back to life three days later.

- I believe any other culture that holds an equally outrageous story believes in myth and magic.
- I believe Elvis is dead (I think).

- I believe Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK point blank in the back of the head while standing
four feet in front of him- and of course that he too acted alone.

- I believe the perpetual war on drugs has made our streets much safer.

- I believe Christopher Columbus was a hero who discovered America in 1492.

- I believe all of those people who say he was not a hero because he was responsible for murdering and enslaving approximately 8 million Native Americans in the Caribbean are crazy, for putting us in jeapordy of not having Columbus day off.

- I believe I believe the U.S. Civil war was fought for States Rights.

- I believe Malcolm X was killed because he preached hate and violence.

- I believe we shall overcome... some day.

- I believe that the two atom bombs dropped on Japanese civilians saved lives.

- I believe heaven is a place up in the clouds.

- I believe the huge military budget expense taken from taxpayers is for "defense".

- I believe all the wars we fight in other people's countries are for our defense.

- I am pleased to believe we are now living in Post-racial America.

- I believe science can and will explain the origins of life and the universe ( if it hasn't already).

- I believe only around 150,000 Vietnamese were killed during the war.

- I believe Common supports cop killers and violence.

- I believe when the Europeans and the United States over the past century violently invaded and exploited Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, the Congo, Panama, Haiti, Grenada, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Hawaii and the Phillipines - it wasn't the same kind of violence. It was... good violence.

- I believe science and technology will one day make the world a wonderful uptopic place to live.

- I believe the market place is self-regulated by an invisible hand.

- I believe in trickle down economics.

- I believe I can fly.

- I believe I can touch the sky.

- I believe the Native Americans "had it coming".

- I believe modern Jews are God's chosen people and that God wanted them to establish a democratic military state backed by Western powers at the expense of the Palestinians.

- I believe that both World Trade Towers collapsed, free fall, from burning jet fuel.

- I believe World Trade Center building 7 collapsed for the same reason, although it wasn't hit by an aircraft loaded with jet fuel.

- I believe too much investigation beyond what you are told can make you sound ridiculous.


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Mo said...

You should perform this with a beret on. Like on Love Jones.

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