Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Male/ Female pt. 1

The Ancient Egyptians believed in the balance of male and female energy.
Both male and female were different aspects in the expression of the divine. Separate only in illusion, but one at the source; part of each other and the whole.
The male dieties in the pantheon of Ancient Egypt (Kemet) were represented with female counterparts. For example there was Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amunet, Asar and Aset, thus representing the idea that specific feminine qualities were brought about to balance and compliment the specific masculine qualities in the natural environment.
The Goddess was an intregal part of the Neterian tradition and as in other African religions, the Godesses were
regarded as Supreme Beings in their own right. They were as respected
and elevated as the male divinities.
Often the Goddess Aset (Isis) is seen standing in her “position of power” which is “behind” her brother-husband Asar (Osiris). The female neter (emanation of divinity) stands behind the male neter as a symbol of “structural integrity” or a “strengthened spine” and it is the origin of the adage, “behind every strong man is a strong woman.”

These aspects can never be seen as equal as we now understand the term, rather they were both essential. When reality is seen as a connected whole there can be no one force "better"
than the other, as they are all emanations of the divine. Equality in it's present sense infers sameness; this discounts the unique aspects of each manifestation. No one would say the earth is better than the sky, or that air is better than water.Likewise, no one could with any accuracy say they are equal.
If we pulled away from our planet and viewed it from space - air, water, fire, earth, living organisms, etc., would all be seen as one (planet). The hardened distinctions we make between different phenomena are all based on our own viewpoints and understanding, or lack thereof.


Morgan said...

Wow Alan. This is really fascinating!

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