Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zeitgeist, New Age and the Distortion of Black Culture

This story will have to begin at the end, rather than the beginning. The end, for black people, is the spread of rumor, disinformation and outright lies in the name of 'consciousness' and 'spirituality'. I'm sure many by this time have heard phrases like "Jesus didn't exist", "The Jesus and Mary/ Madonna and child story is really a plagiarized version of the Horus Isis Myth", "each and every one of the characters in the bible are fictional" ,  "when Christians and Muslims say 'Amen', they are really calling on the Egyptian Neter (God) Amun"*,"Jesus was invented in 325AD at the Council of Nicea", "Jesus is really Serapis, a Greco-Egyptian God", "Islam is really the worship of the Moon God", Jesus' crucifixion and virgin birth was a carbon copy the story of Osiris in Egypt," "Allah used to be 'Allat' a female goddess but Muhammad switched it to the masculine Allah", "Muslims really worship the sun in its different stages", "Muslims destroyed the library of Alexandria", "White Arabs invaded Black Africa and converted it's inhabitants to Islam by the sword", "December 25th is based on the earlier Horus' birthday and Jesus only represents the star in the sky at that time," "Jesus the 'Son' of God was really the 'Sun' of God and was a myth for ancient sun worshipers" '"Jesus was worshiped on December 25th by the three wise men or 'three kings' who really represented the three stars in Orion's belt.," etc.

None of these above claims are true.

They aren't true according to history, the scriptures, archaeology, reason or common sense. Ultimately they amount to a fraud and a hoax. Yet they are being taught in Afrocentric films like "Hidden Colors", by Afrocentric historians, and in other "conscious" circles. Ashra Kwesi, Chancellor Williams, Ray Hagins, and even Anthony Browder and Jonathan G. Jackson have boldly made many of these claims.

So where are they getting this (mis)information? The source we know best and most recently is from the Documentary 'Zeitgeist' . But who is behind the Zeitgeist film and what is their agenda? Some of the main influences on the Zeitgeist Movement and the producer of the documentary Peter Joseph are New Age authors Acharya S. and Gerald Massey. Gerald Massey was a Neo-Druid with an anti-Christian bias and Acharya S. was deeply influenced by the Theosophy movement of the 19th century which is the origin of the current collection of New Age teachings today. (A review of the highly questionable scholarship and of some of the fallacious claims made by Gerald Massey can be found here: http://www.tektonics.org/lp/massjc.php). Another favorite used by many of these "afro-centric" scholars is Kersey Graves' book, "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors; Or Christianity Before Christ". This book too is completely unreliable and useless for anyone looking for actual truth. "Kersey, did no original research in the ancient traditions to which he alluded in his books.  He was, after all, thoroughly incapable of conducting such research, having virtually no foreign language training and no direct access to original sources—either literary or archaeological." Even Helena Blavatsky thought little of Graves' work. To learn more on Graves check here: http://www.iapsop.com/spirithistory/who_was_kersey_graves.html

These New Age teachings center around the belief in re-interpreting ancient texts to find hidden meaning and unifying all religious beliefs into one. They believe that we need a new one world system for the coming age of Aquarius. As it sounds, the New Age movement has similar goals as New World order movement and has a number of connections to it.

So what's wrong with black leaders and scholars using or borrowing information from others for the sake of truth? First of all, the information is not true. For the sake of brevity let's dispose of three claims here and now simply as an example.

1. Ray Hagins claims that ALL of the people in the Bible are fake, made up characters (He includes all 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus and Muhammad).
His statement is here: https://www.facebook.com/AHigherKnowledge/videos/754408871372577/
This over-broad claim can easily be dis-proven by the Merneptah Stele (an inscription by the Ancient Egyptian Pharoah Merneptah, 1213-1203 BC) discovered in 1896 which mentions the nation of Israel by name. Also there is the Tel Dan Stele, discovered in 1993, which mentions King David by name in Aramaic dated to the 9th century BC. And just for good measure, here is a link to 50 historical figures confirmed by archaeologists that have been mentioned in the Bible.

2. Ashra Kwesi - Stated (below) that Heru (Horus) was born on December 25, in a manger. There are no ancient records of any of these claims.
Actually, Horus' birth was celebrated in the so-called "Epagomenal Days", a four day festival period in the ancient Egyptian calendar which falls between August 24 and 28 and July 15 as calculated to adjust to the ancient period.  No text mentions December 25th or Horus being born in a manger.  All of this is irrelevant anyway if the point is to prove the Jesus story was a myth copied from Ancient Egypt because no where in any of the Gospels is it mentioned that Jesus was born on December 25th! That tradition was borrowed from pagan celebrations by the early Church centuries after the stories and the teachings of Jesus first appeared. 
Finally, there is no record or utterance in any primary source that Horus was born in a manger. In fact, the stories of his birth all indicate that he was born in a swamp. 

Here is Ashra being exposed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiARf13vltU

3. Here's another example; we often hear that Jesus is really Serapis. Serapis  was an invented god. He was a composite of several Egyptian and Hellenistic deities. He was introduced to the world at the beginning of the Ptolemaic (Greek) Period in Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy I. The connection between worship of Christ and Serapis originates with the Serapis Letter conatined in the Historia Augusta. Ray Hagins and Walter Williams use this letter as reference. The Emperor Hadrian in a letter to the Consul Srvanius "dated" A.D. 134 asserts:

“Egypt, which you commended to me, my dearest Servianus, I have found to be wholly fickle and inconsistent, and continually wafted about by every breath of fame.  The worshipers of Serapis [here] are called Christians, and those who are devoted to the god Serapis [I find], call themselves Bishops of Christ.”

Jonathan G. Jackon also quotes this letter in his work 'The Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth."
So what's the problem? This letter is a widely known forgery.
Beyond the fact that it would be a century too old (134 AD) to prove any meaningful origin of Christianity, it is part of a late 4th century forgery entitled Historia Augusta. The true authorship of the work, its actual date, and its purpose, have long been matters for controversy among historians and scholars, ever since Hermann Dessau in 1889 rejected both the date and the authorship as stated within the manuscript. Major problems include the nature of the sources it used, and how much of the content is pure fiction. For instance, the collection contains in all about 150 alleged documents, including 68 letters, 60 speeches and proposals to the people or the senate, and 20 senatorial decrees and acclamations. Virtually all of these are now considered to be fraudulent." Magie1921, pp. xx-xxi.  

This isn't news. It's been a known forgery for over a century. Yet our our scholars are still repeating it.
The point of this blog is not to say Christianity, as has been organized by the West is valid, the point is that this idea that the origin of Jesus is a plagiarized copy of African Kemetic culture is simply bad history, and serves no purpose to anyone seeking the truth.
The whole doctrine is refuted here: http://www.biblicalcatholic.com/apologetics/HORUS.htm

These black "scholars" in their disdain for Christianity are trading one fabricated doctrine for another. What good does that do us? This doesn't show any independent thought, critical thinking or self determination at all. It's also sad to think that they especially would allow our history to be distorted and misused.

The irony is that while the New Age, Zeigeist people propose a utopian future free from war, poverty and racism and we repeat their patently fraudulent doctrines, their ultimate aim is to establish a Great White Brotherhood (look it up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_White_Brotherhood) and usher in a new Christ figure Sanat Kumara, or Lord Matreiya, who looks (oddly) like this....

Theosophy's 'Lord Maitreya

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara 'Old'

The oddness of an all white Utopian planet in a 'non' racist society was even pointed out at the end of this article on Zeitgeist creator Peter Joseph.

Qur'an 41:37 - "And among His signs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon; do not prostrate to the sun nor to the moon; and prostrate to Allah Who created them, if Him it is that you serve."

* The word Amen meaning 'faith' originates from the Ancient Hebrew term 'aman' meaning 'support' or 'firm'. It came from the support a stake gave to a tent when it was firmly dug into the ground.This word 'aman' is used in Isaiah 22:23 for a nail that is fastened to a 'secure' place.  
No linguist or historian has been able to find a connection between the hebrew 'Aman' and the Egyptian *Amn (meaning hidden). In Egyptian it is spelled with a 'yod' (y) as opposed to the Hebrew Aman which is spelled with an aleph (a). So while in English  'Amen' and 'Amun' seem to have the same spelling, in their original languages they clearly have different spellings and very different meanings.


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