Friday, March 8, 2019


 Power is the ability to reward your friends and punish your enemies. Over the past 30 years with this new, 'political correctness culture', black people have sensed a newly developed power to speak up and stand against racism, bigotry and prejudice- wherever it is found. We have seen actors, politicians, athletes and other celebrities speak out against racism, police brutality, white privilege, the prison industrial system, cultural appropriation, economic inequities, whites using the N word, etc. We have seen countless, professors, speakers, memes etc., show that we have been the victims of lynching, slavery, discrimination, deadly inoculations, mis-education, historical lies etc. And after all this effort and expended energy, we have to wonder - what power have we gained by doing this?
What is the end goal here?
Easily one can say we have the power to get people fired for making racist comments, we can get ads pulled and public figures ostracized for expressing their racism. This can fall under the ability to punish our enemies. But if we think about it, as black people, we can't do any of this without the help of the media. If there's no media attention focused on the matter, nothing will happen. So ultimately it's the media that has the power. And we are making them more powerful by relying on them exclusively to help us fight (what we believe is) our most important battle for us. But punishing our enemies is only half of the definition of power.

The first half of it is the ability to reward our friends. 
How can we reward our friends? What do we have to offer? Jobs? Money? Wealth? Political capital? Spiritual insights? Social status? Lower pricing on our manufactured goods? Land? Favorable legislation?
Of course, we can't offer much in these areas because we are only 50 years out of slavery and Jim Crow, but we can at least start thinking about consolidating our wealth and coordinating our efforts into a well organized, operative culture that suits our needs.  

 Now, back to the circus.

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