Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Ten Cop Comadments

The Ten Cop Commandments

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal
There's rules to this thing, I wrote me a manual
A step-by-step booklet for you to get
Your game on track, not your wig pushed back

 Rule Nombre Uno: Leave the drugs at home; or better; leave them alone.  It’s a trap. They’ll lock you up and be laughin’ at ya; just think back to Africa… 4,000 years, no drugs, no tears. 

Number Two:  Don't drive while you’re drunk. Then you’ll mess around and have them searching all in your trunk. Don’t give them no excuses, if you’re drinking, wait, or you’ll  blow a .08; then it’s too late.

Number Three: The police are not your main enemy, your enemy is SWED (S.W.E.D.) The System of Western European Domination, it’s what’s causing imbalance through the whole of creation.

Number Four:  Building black business ought to be our law. Of all the loot in the country- from imports to rent, Black business only brings in .5%. What is this? I’m saying; it’s time to live and dress like we mean business – no playing.

Number Five:  When stopped by a cop, don't try to run. You'll get laid on your face when he pulls his gun. Not a brother on the planet can out run a bullet. And if a devil’s on the trigger, you know he’s gonna pull it. They will try -to take you out for sport,.. so live another day and take his ass to court.

Number Six:  All the arguing, dead it. You’re not going to win, so trust me; forget it.

Number Seven: This rule is so underrated; get his ID, ‘cause for the lawsuit, you’ll need it.

Number Eight:  Don't reach for anything without a request. They’re looking for a reason to put six in your chest.

Number Nine:  Should have been number one to me. Show respect and calm, and you’re bound to walk free. Don’t show no fear; ‘cause cops are like canines, if they sense any weakness, they’ll be  in your behind.

Number Ten: Don’t think the system’s broken and it’s your job to fix it. They’re just trying to dominate, so it’s our job to nix it. Remember in the Civil War when the white folks were split, we just helped put them back together – then we caught all the sh*t. So don't buy into the nonsense or believe their lies, because what you feed lives and what you starve dies.

Follow these rules, we'll have mad bread to break up
Build business, buy land, and get some true cake up
Then, if the cops come we won’t have to scatter, protest and chatter.
Let’s start living life fatter – ‘cause black lives matter!

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