Thursday, January 9, 2020

Famous Racists in History: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

It goes without saying the amount of influence that radical left socialists and Marxists have had on black people's thinking.  Among those who have prominently espoused Marxist ideas and have preached his doctrine to black people include: Paul Robeson, CLR James, A. Philip Randolph, W.E.B. Dubois, the Black Panther Party, the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM), The Black Liberation Army, George Jackson, Angela Davis, Derrick Bell, Bayard Rustin, Stokely Carmichael,  Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Bell Hooks, Cornel West (who publicly states that his theories are derived from Georg Lukacs) and Manning Marable among others.  It's also interesting to note that Martin Luther King's behind the scenes financier, top advisor and speech writer (he co-wrote the I Have A Dream Speech) was former Communist Party member, Stanley Levison. 
Marcus Garvey already exposed the curious oversight with regard to Marx' famous work 'The Communist Manifesto.'  Garvey was aware that ‘The Communist Manifesto’, written by Karl Marx and Friederich Engels in 1847, incredibly, does not even mention the massive enslavement of African people, which was still going on at that time and was a serious issue. 

However it has now come to light that...

in a letter to Engels, in reference to his socialist political competitor Ferdinand Lassalle, Marx wrote: "It is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes who had joined Moses' exodus from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother on the paternal side had not interbred with a nigger. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also nigger-like."

Engels shared Marx's racial philosophy. In 1887, Paul Lafargue, who was Marx's son-in-law, was a candidate for a council seat in a Paris district that contained a zoo. Engels claimed that Lafargue had "one-eighth or one-twelfth nigger blood." In a letter to Lafargue's wife, Engels wrote, "Being in his quality as a nigger, a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district."